Pointwise: The choice for CFD meshing.

Discover why Pointwise is the go-to choice for over 600 companies in the more than 30 countries.

A good mesh prevents problems with accuracy, convergence and overall simulation process efficiency. That's why 600+ different companies around the globe chose Pointwise, the industry leading independent CFD preprocessor.

Compatible With Your CFD Workflow

No matter what type of model your team uses, Pointwise can help you get ready for meshing. Import 10+ CAD formats: IGES, STEP, SolidWorks, CATIA, NX, Pro/E, ACIS, Parasolid, STL, etc, and export to over 50 commerical, and open-source CAE solver formats. If your solver format is not included, you can use Pointwise’s CAE Export Plugin capability to add it easily.

Tailored to Your Environment

Increase efficiency for some or all of your mesh generation process, by automating it with Pointwise’s Glyph scripting language (based on Tcl/Tk language). With Pointwise, write fully-automated, top-down meshing templates or build your best practices into convenient macros for frequently used operations.

Highly Flexible

Support multiple regions and boundary types. E.g. moving meshes, periodic boundaries, fluid-solid, etc. so you can be prepared for any situation you come across.

Why Pointwise

Unlimited technical support included in maintained licenses Guarantee 24 hours response. Average less 1 hour. Phone or email

Highly flexible to integrate into your company’s unique CFD pipeline. 

Group 3

Training included with maintained licenses

*Instructor travel and accommodations costs for on-site courses not included.


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