Applied CCM is your dedicated partner in all of your simulation challenges. When you choose to work with Applied CCM, you gain access to a team with decades of industrial expertise. Our experts have successfully partnered with both large, global OEMs and small niche businesses.

Personalized Support

We know consulting is not a one-size-fits-all approach. We specialize in tailoring specific solutions to meet your unique requirements and building out simulations with client-specific intelligence. After many years, we have found most engineering groups require tailored solutions to reduce manual work and maximize design efficiency.

Building Your Pipeline

Applied CCM provides comprehensive consulting and support for both open source and proprietary software. From selecting the right tools to implementation into your infrastructure or training of your engineers we can help you through each step.

OpenFOAM Support

We provide comprehensive and personalized support for your CFD meshing needs. From selecting the right tools, to implementation into your infrastructure or training your engineers we’ll walk you through it step by step.

How Applied CCM Can Help

Improve customer efficiency and profitability

Not compromise on quality or scope of service.

Promote the correct application of CFD analysis in all industries

Find and fit the products tailored to the customer needs.

Provide advanced CFD development and consultation services.

Build client relationships that are founded on collaboration, transparency, mutual respect, and trust.

Transition to OpenFOAM

We can help to transition to OpenFOAM® from other CFD software by:
– Analyzing your current CFD workflow.
– Defining the equivalent OpenFoam process.
– Configuring OpenFoam to give the same results as the CFD software you are replacing.
– Customising OpenFoam according to your requirements.
– Adding new features OpenFoam
– Implementing OpenFoam into the processes of your company.
– OpenFoam can simulate anything from complex fluid flows involving chemical
reactions, multiphase, turbulence and heat transfer, to solid dynamics, and electro-

Automated workflows

From CAD to post-processing, entirely hands-off simulations workflows remove the routine and tedious tasks that reduce efficiency. Engineers can then spend time analyzing results and making design decisions rather than managing software.


Meshing is known to take upwards of 80% of the time required to complete a simulation. With our decades of meshing experience, generating meshes tailored for the needs of the application, solver, and hardware resources can be done for a fraction of the cost.

Solver development

Challenging problems often fall out scope of the applicability of the physics and models with as-provided solvers. Applied CCM has experience developing flow solvers for a variety of applications: high-speed, combustion, multiphase, multispecies, conjugate heat-transfer, turbulence and combinations of those. See our technical publications page for some examples.


The most important step in the process – using the results to make decisions – often requires custom workflows, utilities and libraries to extract information. Making the best decisions quickly requires consistent and robust visualization.

End-to-end analysis

In addition to building the CFD simulations, Applied CCM can provide insight into the flow phenomena to help guide the customer’s decision making.


Meet Your Industry Standard

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